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When you face criminal charges in Virginia, you need the services of a lawyer who understands all of the nuances and courtroom procedures that may affect the outcome of your case. Attorneys Joseph and Jonathan McGrady have handled thousands of criminal cases and are familiar with all aspects of local courts and local culture in Southwest Virginia. We provide comprehensive criminal defense services designed to help clients reduce the impact of criminal allegations on their lives.

If you need the advice of an experienced criminal defense advocate whose courtroom skills back up a focus on practical solutions, contact our Carroll County criminal defense lawyers at 276-779-4451 or 888-505-9168 to schedule a free consultation.

Local Attorneys Protecting Clients' Rights

We are descended from the earliest settlers of Carroll County, and our roots in the area go back more than 225 years. We are proud of our strong personal and professional connections in this region, and our clients benefit from our understanding of the local circumstances, customs and politics that can impact their cases. Since 1973, we have used this knowledge and our proven criminal defense strategies to protect the rights of clients charged with offenses such as:

  • Traffic violations: From speeding tickets to reckless driving charges, we are equipped to help you fight driving violation charges. We are especially adept at helping commercial truck drivers stopped on I-77, I-81, US 58 and US 52 avoid conviction and keep their driver's licenses — and their livelihood.
  • DWI/DUI defense: In recent years, prosecutors have used their extensive resources to pursue DWI cases with increasing zeal. You need an experienced advocate on your side who will help you level the playing field and protect your interests following a DUI arrest.
  • Drug crimes: Convictions for drug crimes carry some of the harshest penalties in Virginia. Whether you are charged with distribution, possession, trafficking or any other drug offense, our dedicated lawyers can build a strong case on your behalf.

Our services are beneficial not only to those who live and work in Southwest Virginia, but also to out-of-state visitors charged with criminal violations while visiting or traveling through the area. In most traffic ticket cases, you won't need to return to our state to protect your driver's license.

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Our office in Hillsville is open 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. We want our clients to have access to a lawyer when they need it most, so we are also available by appointment outside of these hours. We pride ourselves on returning messages, in most cases, on the same day.